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Classic Example of how exchange rates work

The past couple of weeks have provided a prime example of how exchange rates are calculated and what internal and external factor effect their movements. What has happened in Russia recently typifies many of the causes and reactions of the

Forward governance just got a little more hard to predict.

When the new governor of the Bank of England enter the bank he reassured the financial markets that his method of forward governance would put an end to the uncertainties of the markets in regards to the decisions it made.

The beauty of hindsight

This month has shown how volatile the markets can be and catch anyone unawares and turn their lives upside down. Following the Scottish referendum in Scotland the pound rallied in response the “no” result only for it to be hit by

Currencies race to the bottom

This week sounded the starting gun for currencies as central banks around the globe try to kick start their economies using their monetary policies to weaken their currency values in the hope that this will boost their exports. The Kiwi dollar has fallen

Money flows out of Eurozone

Yesterday’s financial markets spoke volumes about where the world see’s the safest place for its money. The S&P broke above the 2000 mark for the first time in its history, buoyed by a surge in Biotech stocks and noises from the

Down with the Pound

The Pound fell to its lowest point against the Dollar in 2 months this week as murmurings from the Bank of England have analysts betting on a rates rise this November, which would impact the value of Sterling. However expectations

The Pound set for a fall?

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, has come out this week and said that Sterling is overvalued by up to 10%. Analysts put this down to the booming housing market and the troubles faced in Europe and further afield. Despite this

Prices soar above expectation

The UK released its monthly inflation figures this morning and they caught the markets off guard by being quite a lot higher than expected. The consensus was that we were going to see a rise but only to 1.6%, but

After Dinner Mint

Mark Carney gave a bitter pill for everyone at this years annual Mansion House speech in the City of London by warning that interest rates could move quicker that the financial markets expected. Up until now the consensus was a

Make hay while the sun shines

The Daily Mail today released a chart of the annual change in exchange rates for the most popular holiday destinations. As you can see you are well over 5% on your holiday money wherever you choose to go in the