The Daily Mail today released a chart of the annual change in exchange rates for the most popular holiday destinations.

CurrencySummer 2013Summer 2014Change
US Dollar1.521.68+11%
AUS Dollar1.581.80+14%
Thai Baht46.1654.70+19%
Turkish Lira2.863.51+23%
Egyptian Pound10.6211.95+13%
Mexican Peso19.4621.64+11%

As you can see you are well over 5% on your holiday money wherever you choose to go in the world with Turkey offering a whopping 23% improvement on your rate this time last year, so book your holiday money today!

 Min for deliveryMax delivered£100 buys you 
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Currency Exchange at the post office£400£2500(EUR)110.16Order travel money online
Order currency online£500* free delivery£2500(EUR)108.65Order travel money online
Currency Exchange at Sainsburys£100£2500(EUR)110.68Order travel money online

Best Price Travel Money
£500* free delivery£4999(EUR)110.25Order travel money online
Thomas Exchange Global Ltd£100£2500(EUR)112.05Order travel money online
Nat West Currency Exchange£100£2500(EUR)107.99Order travel money online
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