Larger Amounts

Large Currency Purchases

Guide to Living abroad


There are times when we need to move larger amounts of money between countries and currencies, such as buying or selling property abroad, sending money to family or paying for overseas university fees. In these cases your high street bureaus or even high street banks are not the best options for getting the best exchange rate. For instance you could save yourself thousands of pounds on the proceeds of a property sale as High Street banks rarely have a different rate for customers buying £500 worth of holiday money and people transferring £50,000.

  • Emigrating
  • Repatriating
  • Buying or selling abroad
  • Paying fees abroad

Regular Payments Abroad


It is not just one off payments overseas that you can save money on. Many people receive their pensions into their UK current accounts and then transfer them monthly into overseas accounts, each time occurring high exchange rates and fees. Currency brokers can arrange regular payments abroad with a set exchange rate (usually a set percentage above the rate at the time), leaving you to relax in the knowledge that you are getting the best deal each time.

  • Pension payments abroad
  • Paying bills abroad
Obtaining pension abroad

Benefits of using a money broker rather than a bank


  • Secure rates up to a year ahead to forecast cash flows;
  • Free money transfers saving money on bank charges;
  • Money kept in escrow while transaction takes place;
  • Save up to 3% on the banks exchange rates!