Holiday Money

The choice of places to buy currency can be overwhelming and you can now even buy your holiday money with your local grocery shop. However it is still worth shopping around as you could save yourself hundreds of pounds which you can then spend enjoying your holiday. Below we look at the best rates available on the high street and buy ordering online for delivery. We look at the rates, charges and the limits. For larger amounts, £2500 plus please see our larger Amounts page.

Compare currency rates

See below for a selection of the best exchange rates on the high street and online.

*Rates correct as of publication.

Prepaid Currency Cards

 Another way of taking foreign currency abroad is by using a prepaid currency card. Effectively you exchange your money in the UK and it is loaded onto a debit card complete with pin that can be used abroad the same way as a standard credit card. This saves carrying large amount of currency around and offers the protection of chip and pin.


*These rates are just for illustration purposes are were correct at the time of publication. All the data on this page is delayed and purely for reference purposes only. Click through to the respective companies for up to date rates.