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Here at exchange rates guide we seek to explain how you can get the best deals around when buying foreign currencies, from getting the best holiday money rates to managing your company’s currency exposure. We look at the best deals on the high street and also the alternatives to the high street banks for larger purchases or sales of currency in a bid to save you hundreds of pounds in the process.

Best Exchange Rates on Travel Money

Exchange rates for foreign currency

For most of us the only time that we involve ourselves in the foreign exchange market is by buying our foreign currency when we go abroad. For one off transactions for under £5000 your best option is to either visit a company on the high street or order your currency online.

Here we look as the best foreign exchange rates for both the high street and ordering online.


Large Purchases and Regular Payments Abroad

Exchanging larger amounts of foreign currency When making large purchases abroad, such as houses, banks can often charge you the “tourist rate” the rate used for selling holiday money. This can result in you paying hundreds, if not thousands in extra charges. We look at the best alternatives to using the banks such as foreign exchange brokers to see what the best deals around are.


Managing Currency Risk

Managing Foreign Currency Risk In a global economy we often have to do business abroad, such as exporting our goods and services around or importing goods or raw materials. With payment terms being anything from a few days to a few months this leaves businesses open to currency risk, which is when a price is agreed at a certain date and price only for the exchange rate between the two party’s currency to change before the settlement date. In this section we look at how companies can take action to avoid this risk securing their cash flows.


Best Rates on the High Street


 Min for deliveryMax delivered£100 buys you 
Marks and Spencer Holiday Money£100£2500(EUR)108.27Order travel money online
Currency Exchange at the post office£400£2500(EUR)110.16Order travel money online
Order currency online£500* free delivery£2500(EUR)108.65Order travel money online
Currency Exchange at Sainsburys£100£2500(EUR)110.68Order travel money online

Best Price Travel Money
£500* free delivery£4999(EUR)110.25Order travel money online
Thomas Exchange Global Ltd£100£2500(EUR)112.05Order travel money online
Nat West Currency Exchange£100£2500(EUR)107.99Order travel money online

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