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Trump Call

The recent election of Donald Trump seems to have signalled a change in Sterling’s fortunes, in the short term however whether this is a respite or a reversal is yet to be seen. The swing could be as some regard

All down to fundementals

Following a rather crazy month where we have seen exchange rates bounce all over the place, the consensus is that things may have levelled out somewhat. A survey of brokers suggested that all the “political shocks” of the last month

The Bank piles pressure on Sterling

Following the fun and games of last week’s result, plus all the toing’s and froing’s of various leadership contests GBP had looked like it had found its base and was recovering against the Euro and the Dollar. Much of this

The Pound pays the price for our indecision

Following the addition of Boris Johnson as the Exit camps heavy weight hitter the financial markets finally started taking the possibility of a “Brexit” seriously, with credit agencies putting the odds up from 10-20% to 30-40%. This resulted in a

Eastern Promise made but not realised

European markets fell sharply today, led by commodity companies, on the back of weaker than expected import data from the Chinese. In short they are buying less raw materials and worse German cars! This has sent investors running, but to

Forward Guidance at its best.

Right on cue the expected slow down in the Chinese economy has dragged its fellow Asian currencies lower as it continues with its miserly 4-7% growth, depending on who you go by, but exports fell by 8% as the sorry

Britain reaches zero percentage inflation – Good thing or bad thing for Sterling?

This week it was announced that during February the UK experienced zero inflation for the first time in recorded history. This sent the money markets into a spin as they were just getting used to settling inflation and the prospect

Destination Europe this Summer

American and British tourists are set to visit Europe in their droves this Summer as the Euro plunges to its lowest levels against Sterling since 2007 and in the lowest level against the US Dollar in over 12 years! On

Reaction like clockwork

This week has seen a double whammy for the Eurozone and the price of the Euro. Firstly the market reacted to the new raft of stimulus packages expected to be announced this week, including the printing of money to buy

The Euro hits 9 year low

The Euro hit a 9 year low against the Dollar as noises from the ECB spooks the markets. Firstly the ECB president Mario Draghi has hinted that the Euro zone could begin its own phase of quantitive easing or money