The FED finally make their move

After weeks of speculation of will they, by how much and when, causing a state of permanent market turmoil, the Federal Reserve have finally made their announcement on commencing winding in their financial stimulus program. Buoyed by great numbers on the job front and “improvement in economic activity, the FED have slashed a further $10bn a […]

UK unemployment levels closes in on Bank’s target

During the summer the incoming Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney caused a stir when he stated that the bank would tie the raising of interest rates to unemployment levels hitting a target of 7%. For borrowers this was a light at the end of the tunnel, but for others there was little […]

This weeks currency related news

The UK had a nice surprise from the IMF this week as it raised its forecast for UK growth from 1.9% to 2.4% and expects growth of 2.2% for next year. The IMF are usually seen as being conservative, so analysts jumped on this and are now expecting even higher actual figures. The US also […]

New Year New Highs against the Dollar

The New Year brought with it a New High for the Pound against the US Dollar, $1.6553, which is the highest level since 2011. But before we could even pull a party popper the all important (tongue in cheek) PMI or Purchasing Managers’ Index pooped on our party with disappointing Manufacturing figures. This is an indication of […]

Currency related News

UK inflation got a brief respite last month as it fell from 2.2% in October to 2.1% in November as drops in transportation costs and the cost of certain food stuffs took effect. However this drop is expected to be short lived with inflation expected to rise again in December as increases in energy prices […]

North American Optimism makes a pleasant change

Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor (from Canada) has delivered an unusual “we can do it ” mannered speech at the Economic Club of New York. Used to the more placid tones of ex-governor King, we are not used to the head of the Bank of England telling us to stop being so pessimistic […]

This week’s currency related news

World News Iran has agreed to limit its nuclear ambitions in return for leaner sanctions placed on the country. This has led to the price of oil plummeting back towards $108 a barrel. This will help inflationary pressures around the world and especially in China where there import 20% of Iran’s oil exports. UK Market […]

This week’s currency news

UK Market News The OECD has given the UK government a boost by increasing its forecast for UK growth this year to 1.4% and that it expected growth to accelerate to 2.4% next year. This is in contrast to their view of the World’s economy, which they expect to only grow 2.7% compare to their […]

Currency related news this week

Hold onto to your hat! According to the Bank of England’s new governor, Mark Carney, the recovery in the UK has finally “taken hold” and has revised his earlier figures for growth and the rate of which unemployment will fall. This is on the back of inflation falling to 2.2% from 2.7% in September and […]

Weekly Currency News

Interest rate rise could be sooner than expected It feels like only yesterday that the new governor of the Bank of England was establishing his new regime of long term forecasting to add stability and reassure the markets. However this seems to have had the opposite effect of analysts trying to be the first to call them wrong on their decision […]